Wise Owl Preschool

Excellence in preschool education for 2 to 4 year olds


Our mission is to provide a positive first school experience that builds a strong educational and social foundation for children, fostering a lifetime love of learning. By combining a nurturing and safe environment with experienced and qualified staff, we introduce children to essential Pre-K reading, language, math, social, and comprehensive motor skills that will set the stage for our students’ future success.

Our History

Wise Owl Preschool has been serving our community for over 40 years providing a safe, nurturing place for young learners to begin their education journey. Prior to 2014, Wise Owl Preschool was under the outreach program of The First Baptist Church of Fort Thomas. It was there that so many children enjoyed their first preschool experience and have now returned to be the parents of our present students.

In the Fall 2014, another chapter of the Wise Owl Preschool began in its new home, The First Presbyterian Church in Fort Thomas. This exciting opportunity continues our special program that carefully guides young children as they develop essential social and academic skills.
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